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Mental Top Score

Mental Top Score is a part of
Quality Software Eindhoven bv,
to support clubs and organisation,
to think of and realize
extra ordinary results.

Mental Top Score --- Vision

People playing for the joy of the game.
People winning as a result of giving it all.
People joyfull and happy fulfilling their dreams.

Mental Top Score --- Focus

Mental Top Score add the followings
Mental, Team and being Smart.

Mental Top Score --- Mission

To support soccer clubs in archieving challenging results
by adding ingredients of total football
Making available for soccer players to play freely
this is reach by workshops, lectures, coaching and teambuilding.

Mental Top Score products

Mental Top Score offers the book 'Secret of Winning'
for free via the internet.

You can read the book here.

Mental Top Score Services

Support by Mental Top Score
can be given by several ways:

support in formulating a vision which inspires & mission
make a realisation plan
guiding at the implementation of a plan
workshops, team meetings,
team- en individual coaching

Support can be given during the whole season,
a part could be done with workshop(s).

For contact send us an email

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