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Mental Top Score
Lecture of 'Secret of Winning'

Mental Top Score gives lecture on request about 'Secret of Winning'.
In one hour the speaker, Wim Bakker,
will tell in an inspiring way
about the book 'Secret of Winning
the underlying thoughts and
the background of the book.

It is not about the game, but how the game is played.

Promises of the lecture about
'Secret of Winning'

Getting access to winning and
giving insights with respect to the mysterie of Winning

Focus of the lecture 'Secret of Winning'

The areas of intrest are:
- What is the secret of winning?
- What is the key to winning?
- What is it at play with soccer?

Topics of the lecture 'Secret of Winning'

- Welcome
- Listen for the victory
- Distinguishing
- Distinguishing in soccer
- What can you add?
- How does the workshops work
- The Book

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